30 years of Gem Kingdom

The Dutch designers Bernard Jongstra and Johanna Titselaar founded the jewellery label Gem Kingdom in 1990. By deliberately launching their unconvential jewellery collections as a fashion brand, they acquired an outsider position in the Dutch design world. A status that they enjoy to this day because the quality of the label has remained constant over the years. The success story begins with their first collection, which was based on the splendour of Byzantine jewellery. This immediately attracted attention at home and abroad by the unique jewellery show at gallery Intermezzo in Dordrecht and by the special use of materials.


Gem Kingdom’s jewellery collections express Bernard and Johanna’s fascination for classic, historic symbols, including fleurs-the-lis, heraldic motifs and crosses for 30 years, and are further characterised by the lavish decorations they developed during their youth in the Catholic region of South Limburg. Their original style is also characterised by an eclectic approach to the jewellery in combination with the contrasting use of materials. One necklace can, in addition to sterling silver, mother-of-pearl and reconstructed coral, also contain, say, bronze and different kinds of man-made materials. Loose components, materials and techniques are thus assembled and turned into complete collections in the studio in Amsterdam.


In addition to fashion jewellery, Gem Kingdom also makes special pieces for artists and feature films. In the course of 2020 we would like to highlight a number of these special partnerships. After 30 years of Gem Kingdom, the label has become internationally renowned and the jewellery is sold and worn all over the world.

Celebration 30 years

Bernard Jongstra: “30 years of Gem Kingdom is all about our connection with our customers and partners. We would like to express our recognition and great appreciation to all enthusiastic and loyal fans! It is and remains special for us to experience this precious engagement. In the fall of 2020 we will regularly pay attention to our anniversary and the special highlights of our history, follow us via our social media and stay tuned!”

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